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"And with growth, comes change.
And for us, these changes are calling us
in separate directions."

- Kelsey & Shannon

It's been a ride!

Dear Friends & Wonderful Clients

As most of you have already heard our big announcement, we have made the difficult decision that we will no longer be continuing with Found Her Productions.

Since the inception of our company, our mission was to document the essence of women so they can communicate who they are, what they do, and why they do it with style, confidence, and ease.


We are so proud and honoured that we've had the opportunity to create beautifully personalized photo + video collections for so many of you and to have met so many incredible women along the way.

We are eternally grateful for this experience. It has been a very memorable few years. 

Alas, as two creatives working in separate mediums, with separate career goals, we have decided to embark on a new chapter. This was a really challenging decision to make! Ultimately, we have both grown SO much in the last few years. And with growth, comes change. And for us, these changes are calling us in separate directions.

We want to thank all of you for being a part of our Found Her journey. Whether you’re a client, a colleague, a member of our community, or just following along—THANK YOU for being here.


It’s been magic!! 🌈⚡️💕


Kelsey + Shannon xx



K & S


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Shannon Laliberte

Keep in touch with Shannon, as she continues to specialize in creating bespoke photo collections for women entrepreneurs.


Instagram: @shannonlaliberte



Kelsey Blake

You can also stay in touch with Kelsey as she explores her career in commercial, documentary, and film directing.


Instagram: @kelseyblakecreative


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“The film and photos are WOW!!!! we are gobsmacked in wonder and with gratitude! Thank you so much for all of the content. Truly, it has propelled us forward." 

- Trish Dingman, Heal Evolve Thrive