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About Found Her Productions

Welcome! We are Shannon & Kelsey, photographer and filmmaker, and LOVE creating visual content that help other women feel empowered to show up as their wonderfully authentic selves!


The Found Her partnership all began back in 2019 when Kelsey found herself in search of a photographer to take some professional portraits of herself to promote her new business at the time, primarily focused on creating documentary photography and films for families.


Kelsey knew she wanted to work with someone who would understand her and her business. When she came across Shannon’s work through a mutual friend,  and fell head over heels for Shannon's ability to capture women authentically, and her mission to help them feel empowered.

So naturally, Kelsey hired Shannon to take some portraits, and of course she crushed it. 

After the session, we remained connected. A few months later Kelsey began having an interest in pursuing projects with female entrepreneurs, and was entertaining the idea of partnering with someone who works within the space of helping women feel empowered.


When she asked herself if she knew any badass women that might be interested in collaborating, the answer became very clear. Shannon came to mind right away.


Kelsey approached Shannon with the idea of collaborating, and since Shannon shared a mutual adoration for Kelsey’s work, she was flattered to say the least.


The early stages of the Found Her partnership consisted of months of brainstorming about what exactly we wanted to offer. What started out as an idea to collaborate on projects, quickly evolved into something so much more.


We discovered what we were working on had the power to be a catalyst in helping other women experience personal transformations and huge leaps in their own businesses. 


All that to say, once the idea of starting a production company came to the surface, we knew we had to go for it!


Starting Found Her Productions opened the door for us to do what we love and on an entirely new level.

Since then, we have the supreme pleasure of working a number of impressive, creative, and purpose-driven women doing impactful things in their work—artists, coaches, therapists, yoga instructors, and the list continues to grow.

If you are a goal-oriented woman that is fuelled by your passion to do the work you do, we would love to connect and see what we can create for you!

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